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Gel Sachet

Gel Sachet

Single use 5 × 7 cm
max. 5 mg solution gel
Gel formulation: Free

Wet Wipe

Wet Wipe

Single use 7 x 12 cm sachet
Disinfectant wipe 50 GSM – Durell
14 x 24 cm non woven fabric
Construction: Spunlace Cross Lapped
Composition: 80% PES-20% VIS
Color white
Design: Flat
Treatment: None
Solution: Free

Surface Hygienic Wipes

Surface Hygienic Wipes

High quality reusable wipe dispenser, filled with non woven wipes, 350 tear-offs, 17 x 19 cm, 50 gr. / m², 40% viscose. The wipe dispenser bucket is a reusable product. So you can refill the fleece wipes and the solution without any problems.

The Cool Stuff We Can Do For You



An Advertising Tool

Your customers can use the wipes in house but can also be encouraged to take the wipes with them and use them with friends and colleagues to give additional exposure to your business. Create brand awareness and recognition, by taking advantage of the power of word of mouth marketing!


Showcasing of business ethics

You care about what your customers care about. Show that you understand what is important to them in the current COVID 19 affected world and beyond; their wellbeing, and that of your team comes first. Customer care is the this era’s winning marketing tool! But hey shhhhh they don’t have to know that there is something in it for your business too.


Promotional real estate

Highlight your events, discounts, happy hours, new offerings, branch openings etc.Use it as a viral marketing tool… Encourage people to participate with discount and/or exclusive invitation codes written on the sachet packaging. All aimed at customers holding on to their sachets and possibly passing them to friends, increasing your brand exposure! Let your customers campaign for you and gain benefits for themselves too 🙂


Platform for QR Code Advantages

Print your QR code on the sachets to drive customers to your YouTube channel,social media pages, menus, order online portals, business services, promotions,commercials etc. Create discounts or incentives for QR code users, invite them to explore you… and capture them! Do you think that only the technology savvy younger generations can navigate QR codes? Maybe you are right.. but never forget that the younger generations are the future of your business! This is why global corporations invest huge budgets on kids with minimal current buying power.


Collaboration to share your costs

We know you are thrilled with the idea so far but now imagine the possibilities that having two sides to every sachet brings! That means double the promotional opportunity to promote multiple businesses you own or to work with in alliance with others to share the advantages and the costs… if promoting your brand to customers is not your first priorıty (they already found you of course), then you can even let others cover the full cost for you for the privilege of tapping into your customer base.


A competitive advantage

Your business is unique, right? If yes, use your difference to get ahead and give customers what they want, even if they do not know it yet! If not, we can help you make that difference. Nike started offering customized ID shoes with your name where your on them, OPET started a ‘clean WC’ revolution at their gas stations, McDonalds was the first one to create a kids menu with free toys… what does this market leadership all add up to? Success.


Thank You For Visiting Our Website

Our mission is to provide the most sophisticated customized disinfectant wipes with the highest technology, at affordable cost?..
You would think so… But NO, that is what everyone tells you! The above is true, but our focus is to provide your business with on-point reactive solutions to what your customers want…
Yes, COVID-19 has affected many of us in a negative way but the world continues to turn and the best businesses adapt and thrive! Let’s turn a bad situation into an opportunity to your company.
Our expertise is here to help you to increase your business value and vision by harnessing our changing world and consumer mindsets.. Want to explore how we can help take your business to a new level? We are just a phone call away. So, fist bump our team (with appropriate distancing of course) and let’s start the journey ! No idea how to create a QR code? Design ideas not your strong point? Focus on what you are good at, our support team is here to support you along the way…
Your Designyourwipe Team

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In Action

Our wet wipe machine is made of 304 quality stainless steel and works Fully automatic. It can be used to package wipes or gel in desired dimensions. Packages produced for packaging machines (PE + Alu+ pp three layers laminated) are printed first on flexo printing machines.

The printed roll wipes are packed,fully automatically by attaching to the wet wipes packaging machine. The machine puts the box by counting the wet wipe it produces. The desired size of the package to be packed is set by the operator in mm in mm.The cloth inside the wet wipes is a material known as non-woven. The non-woven roll / coil is attached to the machine as an average roll length of 4,000 meters. In the fully automatic wet wipe machine, the desired size is written in mm on the touch screen.

Thanks to the intelligent motors of the wet wipe machine, the operator folds the non-woven fabric to the extent that it is written on the screen and cuts it into the package.The liquid (solution) placed in the wet wipe is prepared in a barrel water reservoir placed next to the machine put the two hoses of the machine into the water reservoir in this barrel. The volumetric system pump of the wet wipes machine injects the desired amount of liquid into the wipes packs by pulling it from the reservoir.

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